Many of the houses in Texas have a basement. Often a basement is used as a family room for lounging and relaxing. How about looking at it differently? You can perhaps add to the value of your home by converting the casually used basement area into a bar and a media room.

It would be a great way to relax, have friends over and enjoy more than just a few evenings over drinks, movies and music.You can consult with your builder and convert the basement to a great bar area. It is not just about converting the interiors, but also making sure that the utilities connect to it properly to provide the necessities like water, a wash area among other.

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Feeling like you are ready for a Kitchen Remodeling? Well Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio Experts at Spencer Renovations are ready to give you that Dream Kitchen you always wanted. It’s been said that a kitchen is the beating heart of a home. We will deliver your kitchen remodel with high quality, aesthetically beautiful, cost efficient, and space saving features! Our professional team do all sorts of Kitchen remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and even Room Additions. Everything from custom counters, hand placed tile floors, hanging cabinets, faucet and sink installation, mounted or floating islands, if you can dream it, we can build it!

A kitchen remodel can bring your home to a new level of comfort by integrating custom designs with quality craftsmanship. Just imagine that new tiled floor and cabinets that actually hold all of your things! Imagine a place where your family and friends can congregate without stepping on each other’s toes! We know how to find space where it seemed none existed and we know how to do it quickly and efficiently which saves you both time and money.

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