Is it cheaper to remodel or build a new home?

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Is it cheaper to remodel or build a new home?The recommended way to find out if the cost of remodeling your home is cheaper than building a new home is to have a contractor come and inspect your home. If they decide to give you an estimate over the phone then choose another company as they can’t possibly decide a price without observing the home. Generally, to remodel a home will work out better financially as you can make small changes as you go rather than demolishing a room and installing the new appliances which will cost you a fortune. Just remember, the best renovations are not the ones that enable a home to be sold in the future for a high price, they are to make you and your family feel like you have created a home. So, take the time to really think and input a design you really like and want to see everyday when you wake up.

  • First of all, how many years old is your home? Depending on how old the structure of the house is there is a good chance you can remodel it without having to move and build a new house.
  • Do you like the neighborhood that you live in? If you live in a good area with schools, good restaurants, grocery stores etc close by, then is there any point in building a new home elsewhere. Especially if you plan on living there for many years. You are better off remodeling your home and once it is upgraded then you have the whole package – a brand new home located in a great neighborhood.
  • In many towns and cities that are growing rapidly, there is a high demand for building so it is much easier and less expensive to renovate your current home. Remodeling can be quite stressful but it is a much simpler option than building a new home for your family.
    Are you planning to remodel your whole house? Everyone would like to design and remodel their whole house but why not start room by room, it will be much cheaper and it saves you moving.
  • Have you design plans in mind? You may be an architect or know one that you could hire to build you your new home then it would of course work out to be the better option. However, it can work out more stressful and end up costing a lot in the long run. If you have design plans then why not use them to remodel your home. Begin with one room of your design plan, if you may be pleasantly surprised to find out after remodeling the first room that it wasn’t as expensive as you imagined.

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